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Our Story

Hi! I'm Bre Ellis, mama of three and the founder of Beaded and Blessed.


The idea for the bead kits came about when I was planning a baby shower for a friend. I wanted to do an activity that would help her feel empowered going into delivery and motherhood. I was inspired by some of the activities that midwives and doulas conduct at Blessingways (some of which were inspired by ancient Navajo practices), but couldn't find any kits that reflected how I wanted to adapt an activity involving beads at my friend's shower-- so I made my own! We passed around beads in a cupcake tin and referred to a very blurry chart that I pieced together... and it was an experience that I will remember forever. Many of us were in tears as we surrounded and supported our friend, and a few weeks later, we let out a collective cheer when she sent us a picture from the hospital of her darling baby boy. In the photo, her Mama Blessed bracelet was right next to her hospital band. We were supporting her during her delivery, even though none of us were there in person.

I wanted others to experience the powerful feelings of love and unity that we shared that day... and that's how Beaded and Blessed was born. 

The beaded bracelets are more than just jewelry, they are a way to love, support, and strengthen one another through both our brightest and darkest moments. Whether we are helping a loved one welcome a new member of the family, embark on a journey, heal from loss, or anything in between,

Beaded and Blessed is there to support you in blessing the ones you love.

Please join the Beaded and Blessed community by ordering your custom bracelet or bead kit today!

Stay blessed!


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